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Weed For Warriors Project is a social justice lifestyle brand supporting holistic rehabilitation for veterans through community-based projects, proactive care advocacy, cannabis education and compassion WFWP urges change for the empowerment of the people.




Common Misconceptions About Cannabis


By: Amanda Braun


A big aspect of our chapter meetings is cannabis re-education. By no means is this education formal; it happens naturally through casual conversations throughout the event, as veterans share experiences and options that work for them. Cannabis consumption has come a long way from Reefer Madness, doobies and hash brownies. There are balms, ointments, tablets, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, & the list goes on; all items aimed at offering relief.  Proposition 215, which laid the foundation for the California cannabis market, was written so that HIV and AIDS patients could access cannabis; people rallied behind it with support because everyone knew someone who was sick. As we face a suicide rate of 22+ veterans a day, a rampant opioid crisis and an inadequate VA care system, cannabis offers a reprieve, and oftentimes a hand off the edge of the cliff. Similar to the AIDS epidemic, most people also know a veteran that struggles with one or more aspect of returning to civilian life or knows of a veteran that has taken their own life. Coincidentally, when people have been in a time of dire need, cannabis has provided.


In the same breath, we hear a lot of similar stories about bad experiences deterring patients from continuing to explore cannabis as a natural treatment option. I say re-education because the stigmas & propaganda surrounding cannabis in prior years has led many to fear the plant as an option for finding relief. As more studies and data is collected and made available to patients, more people are opening their minds to the plant as an option. Some things to consider if you’re contemplating cannabis as an option to treat any ailments you’re suffering from.


  1. Everyone has a cannabinoid system. It mimics the endocrine system to give you an idea of body location. CBD is also found in mothers breast milk. Your body is designed to receive cannabinoids.
  2. If you’re seeking relief from cannabis – approach it like any other care plan. As a patient, it always takes some time to work out dosing mechanisms and amounts to get the treatment dialed in – cannabis is no different in this sense. The same amount may impact one patient totally differently than another, just like with pain killers and other pharmacological medications. Be patient with the process & learn your own body.
  3. While cannabis is similar to western medications in the sense of some trial & error until you get your dose right, it is different in that not every strain of cannabis is chemically identical to the next, because cannabis is not made exactly the same over and over in a lab and it’s not been monocropped. What this means is there will be varying cannabinoid and terpene profiles in different strains. These profiles carry different impacts to the patient. Therefore, strain selection is just as important when seeking relief. Take time to educate yourself on some general information on websites like Leafly so that you have confidence in the strain choice you make. Pay attention to the testing labels so you can determine the ranges of cannabinoid and terpene profiles best suit your needs.
  4. You can always take more, you can’t take less. The worse case scenario of not taking enough is experiencing little to no relief, which sucks but not the end of the world. The nice thing is that over medicating with cannabis is also not the end of the world, but it can make you very uncomfortable, dizzy and/or sleepy. Just take it slow though, give yourself ample time if you’re using edibles, smoking or vaporizing it to appreciate the effects. Maybe use a journal, a timer and a pain scale to really reflect honestly on the process. Keep a record for yourself and take charge of your health and wellness.



August WFWP Chapter Roundup

With the recent passage of Proposition 64 in our home state of California, we have been left with no choice but to institute a number of changes. In the coming months you will notice those changes coming to fruition in many forms. Our mission, as always, is to continue helping as many veterans as we can. We get countless emails and messages about the locations of our chapters and how to get involved. We are currently on hold for any new chapters as we continue to adapt to the boundaries of the law, but our hope is for nationwide expansion soon. Our leadership is made up entirely of volunteer veterans; their safety being our number one priority, we must embrace the changes in the market while pushing forward with the mission. That being said, the following chapters are the only sanctioned chapters at this time. We have included contact information for leadership below. Please contact Chapter Leadership before attending any meeting to make sure you have everything required and we hope to see you soon!


Meetings are announced AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance. Please plan accordingly and reach out to leadership well before the meeting date to get squared away!

To find a Chapter Meeting in your area CLICK HERE  or check out our EVENTS PAGE


Chapter News


US Navy veteran Linci Comy and WFWP Oakland member gives Weed for Warriors a heartfelt shoutout about how our members celebrate & honor each other as veterans.

This is how can we help stop the 22 veteran suicides per day: with camaraderie, respect (and a little cannabis)!



Next Women’s only meeting is the Third Monday of August, 8/20/18.

Contact Brian For More Information


Contact Mark For More Information






By: Amanda Braun

WFWP believes cannabis access can be an invaluable tool in a care model. With changing legislation, many patients ask, “Do I need to renew my Medical Marijuana recommendation? Should I get the state card? Where do I get a MMJ recommendation?”

This is a layered and weighted question. Legally we’re SUPPOSED to say one thing. Instinct tells us to answer alternatively. As many veterans and patriots can relate, we also feel a patients access to cannabis shouldn’t risk or hinder other inalienable rights and in CA the state patient program does just that.

Health information is protected by HIPPA laws; why do state employees deserve information related to our care plans? Even Medi-CAL employees can only access your insurance plan information- they can’t see what medications or care notes etc are on your file. If anyone is looking at your health record, it is within your rights to know and dispute unnecessary access.

That being said, we are asking our veteran patients to maintain their recommendations for the time being via the programs they’re used to using. Not only does this provide some veil of privacy, there are different consumption laws for patients versus recreational use. If new patients need information on obtaining a recommendation please contact:


In The News


Verdicts like the one below are the sad truth but may force the VA to listen to small groups like ours. As we continue to advocate for a veterans right to cannabis access, we also aim to make access easier for all of the sick and poor. Part of the concern with the nations CARE model is that it is too expensive for those that truly need it. As WFWP gains momentum, we are hopeful for a future where we can offer supportive services to the VA and other health networks to better serve the people.


Making waves against VA Negligence

After finding the Veterans Health Administration liable earlier this year for the suicide of an Iraq war veteran, a federal judge has awarded more than $480,000 to his father and two children.

In what was thought to be one of the few verdicts of its kind, U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson ruled in February that the negligence of the VA directly contributed to the death of Cpl. William Draughon of Kansas City….

His family, believing the VA had been negligent in its care of Draughon, sued the agency. Robinson’s order finding it liable is thought to be one of the few instances anywhere in the country where the VA has been held directly responsible for a veteran’s suicide.

In her ruling Monday, she awarded noneconomic damages – for pain and suffering and loss of companionship – of $125,000 to each of Draughon’s two young children, $75,000 to Draughon’s father and $1,000 to his biological mother. She also divided up another $154,608 in economic damages between the children and Draughon’s father.”







WFWP is passionate about compassion and here you will find examples of how our chapters are giving back to veterans and the community around us….

On July 29th, 2018 the Oakland Chapter held a Clean Up Sesh at Union Square. Volunteers met in front of Macy’s, at 9AM. We, at WFWP, Thank you for your time and efforts.

See Video Here








Change has to be implemented in a number of ways to make an impact. Not only do our chapters advocate for safe and equal access for veterans, but also for all patients seeking relief. This month our Chapters took change to a whole new level as a March For Marijuana was organized in Florida and a film release and “Clean Up Sesh” were hosted in California. Additionally, We saw important legislation introduced, in Florida, with H.R. 6589.


March For Marijuana

Saturday, August 4 at 2 PM – 5 PM EDT

195 N Rosalind Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, United States

“We are fighting for our right to medicate with whole plant based cannabis!

Veterans, Fathers, Mothers and people of all backgrounds are still being thrown in cages and treated like violent criminals For simply medicating with 🌿Whole Flower Cannabis!

Rick Scott has the power to Stop this!

Rick Scott has the power to Stop throwing nonviolent veterans in cages and treating them like violent criminals just for using whole plant-based medicine!

Rick Scott needs to hear our voice and opinions on his decision to continue to hold up our constitutionally guaranteed right to whole 🌿flower🌿 medical marijuana! Come see state and local politicians, advocates, and business owners speak about their views on Gov. Scott and his fight against patients having 🌿flower🌿! Who knows… maybe you can take a spin on the mic!”

(Video Link –

The Healing Powers Film Release

Monday, August 13 at 7 PM – 9:30 PM

2043 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702-1613

“Join filmmaker and psychedelic advocate Mareesa Stertz as she travels the world, exploring firsthand the alternative medicines and ritualistic practices being used to treat depression, addiction, PTSD, and trauma.

By creating an awareness around these tools and how they address widespread mental health issues, “Healing Powers” aims to normalize the dialogue around

emotion and trauma, celebrate exploration of the psyche, and encourage us to release that which holds us back from living our fullest lives.

Bay Area Screening of The Healing Powers (of Weed, Psychedelics, and other Mindful Practices)

*** Presenting episodes that highlight how a Veteran Organization, Weed for Warriors & the East Bay Senior Cannabis Social Club are educating and advocating for access to Cannabis. Discussion to follow.

-Talks with with Senior Advocate Barbara Blaser, Cannabis Outreach Tali Eisenberg, Veteran Sean Kiernan, and Host Mareesa Stertz”


Courtesy of ABC 20 – WCJB Florida

GAINESVILLE, Fla. The Weed For Warriors Project is a national organization that was founded by a United States Marine Corps veteran whose life changed after a friend introduced him to cannabis which he says changed his life for the better.

The President of the North Florida Chapter, Jimmy Johnston, says veterans seclude themselves because of PTSD and chronic pain, but that the organization and cannabis can help to alleviate that.

“The mental aspect of the military—that training that they drill into you. Sometimes you feel like you’re safer by yourself and you seclude yourself and it’s not mentally healthy, it’s not physically healthy and we just encourage the veterans to come out hang out and socialize,” Johnston said.

The Weed For Warriors Project holds chapter meetings every month in Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami.


The State Of Affairs

Weed For Warriors has been advocating for smart approaches, and equal access, to cannabis for a number of years. In July, of 2016, we penned a response to Gavin Newsom’s Editorial in support of Prop 64 (AUMA). In that letter, we prophesied many of the issues California is seeing today.

AUMA will run afoul of your first goal to reduce the black market. It will absolutely decrease the punishments for the privileged while focusing all the assets in law enforcement’s jihad against Cannabis on the poor and vulnerable who will be accessing the black market. This course of action will exacerbate, not remedy the over-criminalization of our citizenry for victimless crimes, while punishing those most in need of easy and affordable access to Cannabis.

To read more CLICK HERE



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