“We’re the Ones Who Are Blocked” About Treating PTSD with Cannabis

The United States is currently failing its veteran community on a shockingly large scale. It’s something that Sean Kiernan, himself a veteran who served in Panama in the early 1990s before working in finance, has committed his life to addressing. In particular, Kiernan is working hard through his involvement with Weed for Warriors, a non-profit group committed to exploring the growing anecdotal evidence that cannabis consumption can be used to effectively treat PTSD.

As part of our Future of Cannabis coverage, Equities.com sat down with Mr. Kiernan to discuss his personal story, why he understands the importance of these efforts as well as anyone, and why we as a nation owe it to our veterans to seriously consider any solution to this growing crisis that is showing real results.



One Response to ““We’re the Ones Who Are Blocked” About Treating PTSD with Cannabis”

  • Pamela says:

    I’m not commenting for sales.
    I’m commenting for all the veterans out there with PTSD, Cancer, etc.
    I’m commenting because I suffer with PTSD and I now have cancer.
    I just wanna know, how long will veterans have to wait now.
    Look at how long before our Vietnam Veterans issues acknowledged and addressed.
    I swear…!

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