Gary Johnson Responds to High Potency THC Hysteria

Gary Johnson responds quasi effectually to an ignorant Republican Voter, Diane Carlson.  Let us help you Gary!

First, we live in America where we are suppose to enjoy freedom and there is no logical scientific or moral reason cannabis is prohibited on a Federal level, and in fact, many rational, logical and scientific reasons do exist to legalize cannabis, like yesterday.  Second, as users of low (CBD) to the highest potency (THC) level cannabis around, there really isn’t a difference to us users, it’s called tolerance or experience and here is a good rule to live by; if you have not smoked cannabis, don’t start with extracts, which is where the really high levels exist.  Also, leave edibles alone because we already had one annoying New York Times reporter discuss their totally stupid approach to taking cannabis for the first time.

The hospital visits, duhhhhh, panic attacks for out-of-state pot tourist, nothing new there, been going on forever and you go home alive and embarrassed because you were not having a heart attack as no one dies from cannabis, that is the point!  One solution to the hospital visits would be to allow clubs where people could enjoy cannabis consumption where new cannabis pupils could interact with experienced tokers!  God forbid we do something smart to fix the problem vs. trampling on intelligent people’s personal lives!

Now, this woman can’t be serious with her fear and hysteria, we smell a plant!  However, sit back, press play, and hear someone who believes in personal freedoms speak about prohibition vs. the founding member of Mothers for Absurd Drama or MAD. – Sean Kiernan

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