Johns Hopkins Responds To Veterans of America & We Are As Confused As Ever

The Weed for Warriors Project received zero response or acknowledgement to its letter dated March 27th, 2017 addressed to Johns Hopkins President Daniels.

You can read that letter here:  WFWP Letter To Johns Hopkins President Daniels

That changed on Friday April 14, 2017,  when at 1:10am EDT Sean Kiernan, President of WFWP received an email linked below (Email 1).

The following conversation took place via email and are in chronological order.

The conversations occurred between Sean Kiernan, President of WFWP and Ryan Vandrey, Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins.

“Truth is hard, propaganda is cheap.” – DaShanne Stokes.  We invite the 4th Estate to figure this one out as we take exception with much stated.

JHU to WFWP Email 1 041417

WFWP to JHU Email 2 041517

JHU to WFWP Email 3 041617

WFWP to JHU Email 4 041617

JHU to WFWP Email 5 041672

WFWP to JHU Email 6 041717

JHU to WFWP Email 7 041717

**We don’t take lightly the release of private emails. However, given the gravity of what is, or more important what is not going on in the halls of those entrusted to aid Veterans, we believe there is an OVERWHELMING PUBLIC INTEREST and stand by this difficult decision.**


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