The Weed for Warriors Urges a Yes Vote For 8 of the 9 States Voting On Marijuana!

It should be no secret where the Weed for Warriors Project stands on Prop 64 in California’s election.  We have been and continue to be on the NO side.  However, this does not translate into us being on the NO side of other State’s marijuana ballot initiatives up for Vote this coming Tuesday.  In fact, California with its over two decades of pragmatically legal cannabis, even with the government’s unhappiness, is unique as such.   We don’t believe Prop 64 would be a step forward for California.  That question isn’t so clear in most other states as they have not had the robust legal means to access cannabis like us fortunate to live in California.

With nine States voting on some form of cannabis access to include Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, and North Dakota, it’s not a leap to say, this Tuesday could be the most important day for the freedom to toke in some time.

While it would be unfair to our friends both for and against to render an opinion on State’s ballot measures in areas we don’t operate, we certainly do advocate a Yes vote in any State where the freedom to enjoy cannabis is advanced.  That pragmatic reality means that we urge most of you to vote YES on your State’s Marijuana Initiative.  Most of the States listed above have a very limited program for medical patients or no program at all to access cannabis.  Therefore, conscience dictates a YES vote for the patient and to advance the inalienable rights we should enjoy as citizens of a free society.

So be it Arkansas’ Issue 6, Arizona’s Prop 205, Nevada’s Question 2, North Dakota’s Measure 5 or Florida’s Amendment 2, we should all be screaming for a big Yes vote this Tuesday.  That is of course with the exception of California where the future of Cannabis beyond access is up for a vote.  However, this article isn’t about California, it’s about the other eight States that get to vote on their future.

A future that will be made better with legal access to cannabis, therefore we urge you to vote Yes this Tuesday.


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