Massachusetts Is Using Helicopters To Stop Cancer Patients From Having Medicine!

Read Matt Agorist’s account of what we at the Project would classify as excessive everything by our Government.  At what point do we say no more?  It should never have gotten here and those that think this is OK, need to be removed from all decision making positions.  This is truly disgusting. – Sean Kiernan

“In a gross display of wasted taxpayer dollars, dozens of Massachusetts National Guard personnel, operating under a grant from the DEA, alongside Massachusetts State Police, descended into the backyard of an 81-year-old cancer patient in a raid last week — to protect society from the dangers of his four marijuana plants.”

“Paul Jackson, 81, of Martha’s Vineyard, grows cannabis to make medicine. His plants, along with several other plants, became the target of law enforcement last week in a crackdown on hardened criminals who’d dare to grow a plant that helps them.” (continued)

DEA & National Guard Raid 81 Year Old Cancer Patient

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