JUST SAY NO: Veterans Group “JUST SAY NO” to DEA’s Inaction on Rescheduling Medical Marijuana

WASHINGTON — The leading organization dedicated to making medical cannabis available to veterans called today’s decision to keep cannabis classified in the same group with heroin, ecstasy and LSD “disappointing and somewhat shocking.”

“The DEA is still clinging to ancient myths and misconceptions about the value or medical cannabis,” said attorney Brandon L. Wyatt, national policy spokesmans for the Weed for Warriors Project.

“Federal regulators and law enforcement authorities are hiding behind a stack of bumper stickers left over from the failed so-called war on drugs, “ added Sean Kiernan, President, Weed for Warriors Project.

“Bureaucrats who know there is a lack of comprehensive research into medical uses for cannabis are the same people who are blocking that research from being conducted. The federal government deserves a black eye for casting its blind eye on America’s veterans,” noted Rocky Mesa, chapter preseident, Ohio- Weed for Warriors Project.

Following the Drug Enforcement Agency announcement today that the DEA is leaving cannabis classified as a Schedule I drug, the Weed for Warriors Project announced plans to at least triple its education and action campaign, aimed ultimately at getting the Veterans Administration to prescribe and cover medical cannabis for its patients.

“We’re ready for this fight on every front, from the courtroom to Congress, and the campaign trail to the White House, we’re going to reach many, many people and get them to listen and commit to research and sweeping policy change,” Wyatt said.

The Weed for Warriors Project educates Americans on how some veterans can be best treated with medical cannabis, especially in cases where cannabis can replace addictive drugs that in too many cases can hurt patients more over time than they do to help.

Join the veterans who support cannabis research and the Weed for Warriors on August 20th, in Washington, D.C. for the White House Bud Summit which boasts timely lectures by cannabis leaders such as Rick Simpson, Keith Stroup, and Judge Shelli Hayes (www.BudsDC.com).

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Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2016
Contact: Brandon L. Wyatt,
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