The Blue Cord Has A Steep Price To Pay

Sit down with any Army Infantry Veteran or Marine and you will hear the stories.  The stories will not include fancy billion dollar planes, or ships that can launch missiles hundreds of miles away or the communication systems or support of Special Ops.  In fact, if the early part of the Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq showed us anything, it’s that our leaders and our system for investing in weapons woefully under-invested in new weapons and protective systems for our Grunts.  The guys who hold ground, the guys who when unleashed raze cities, block by block, door by door, KIA by KIA.

“These are our nation’s warriors. Their job is one that requires them to leave the wire every day with the intention of finding, closing with, and killing the enemy. They do battle with their foes close in and at the small unit level. These engagements should be one-sided fights, with the odds weighted in favor of American infantrymen and special operators. Tragically, this is not the case.

In his upcoming book “Scales On War: The Future Of America’s Military At Risk,” retired Army Maj. Gen. Robert H. Scales Jr. posits that had ground combat troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan been better armed, equipped, and supported, the extraordinary feats they accomplished in battle would not have been required, and the losses suffered might have been substantially less.

Come read more about how the same political and military industrial complex that is failing our brothers and sisters today, failed this group of brave men on the front lines already.

Infantry Suffers Horrible Losses

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