Weed For Warriors Project Chapter Meeting at Swamp City Gallery Lounge – VIDEO

Courtesy of ABC 20 – WCJB Florida

GAINESVILLE, Fla. The Weed For Warriors Project is a national organization that was founded by a United States Marine Corps veteran whose life changed after a friend introduced him to cannabis which he says changed his life for the better.

The President of the North Florida Chapter, Jimmy Johnston, says veterans seclude themselves because of PTSD and chronic pain, but that the organization and cannabis can help to alleviate that.

“The mental aspect of the military—that training that they drill into you. Sometimes you feel like you’re safer by yourself and you seclude yourself and it’s not mentally healthy, it’s not physically healthy and we just encourage the veterans to come out hang out and socialize,” Johnston said.

The Weed For Warriors Project holds chapter meetings every month in Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami.


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Weed for Warriors Project

Headquarters: Sacramento, California info@wfwproject.org