Blunt Talks With Kevin Richardson, Episode 1

Kevin Richardson takes our listeners on a ride during the first episode of Blunt Talks as he explores issues from the perspective or a unique guest every episode.  For the first episode, Kevin brings his views to life on the VA & Federal Government resistance to Cannabis and urges Veteran Groups to work together.

One Response to “Blunt Talks With Kevin Richardson, Episode 1”

  • Mathew Lynch says:

    Keep it up brother. If your a Veteran your not active therfore smoking weed should be nobody’s business but your own. I don’t want to take psychotropic drugs for my issues, weed works fine. Big pharmaceutical needs to stop pushing their terrible meds that can worsen symptoms. I’m herected to fight with yall. I want to help I just need someone to tell me how. I needon’t a purpose and this is it. Holler at me so I can start helping. I’m in the east bay. Martinez/concord/antioch/brentwood

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