1620 Lounge: Sean Kiernan Interviews Weed For Warriors Project Founder Kevin Richardson Part 2

Listen to Sean and Kevin talk about what made him take a step back from the Project, his time off, the stresses of running the Project, and the future of all.  Using humor, and laughter to take on serious issues and talking about our willingness to speak the truth to power – so if you are not ready for that, fuck off 🙂

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  • Kevin Richardson your story is so much like mine, I started 2 1/2 yrs ago with my Dayton VA. I told my Mental Health Doctor “Medical Marijuana is Coming” and I stopped 13 meds a day. I figured if I took no Pharm and used only cannabis, I had a foot to stand on, People who know me, Know I will take this all the way to jail.. I learned from the VA, if you cant fix me, you better send me to somebody who will, That’s Law.. Medical Marijuana in Ohio is Illegal until 13 days ago and it may still take a yr or 2 before its operating. My VA help teach me about getting out source doctors and they pay for it, My VA taught me how to get doctors on the Health Net System and get paid to treat Vets. I did this for me and nobody else, I did not know anybody else was doing this. NOW I’m in a waiting game for me to start receiving my Medical Marijuana from the state of Ohio who will Pay for Veterans Medical Marijuana… I’m Done… I did what I needed to do for my self.
    I found Weed For Warriors Project I wasn’t sure what you where about other than Veterans and Cannabis, I just knew with my 2 1/2 years with my VA and Cannabis I had a lot of info I could share with the weed for warrior project That’s why I jumped on board about 6 months ago, I brought The Weed For Warrior Project into my fight and the Dayton VA, Our Administrators gave me a thumbs up, If I want, I can set up a table at my VA for the Weed For Warriors Project next to the Suicide Dude and I will not have problems, I Know I can make the Dayton VA a leader in Medical Marijuana
    My VA Knows me as Medical Marijuana Only, I can not recommend it if you Drink, Doctors are nothing going to recommend it if your on Other Pharm, your all in or none at all. I don’t wake and bake, I wake and smoke my medicine, I do not associate with any other groups period, They all want me, and I enjoy telling them Weed For Warriors are Bad (I’m about Medical Marijuana for Vets ONLY)
    Our State Senators Burke and Yuko who are working on Ohio’s Medical Marijuana and Representative Brennaman, I’ve been working with have kept me bombed with the press..
    This journey has to end for me, working 60 hr. weeks on this, I was at the VA yesterday with my WFW shirt and a vet came up and asked me for a Business card. I don’t have any.
    I have a chain of Head Shops who are going to have an out door show to film commercials, said if I wanted to set up, they would promote Weed For Warriors in there commercials, no money no cheep 10 x 10 canopy, no banners, no flyers, no cards. I have opportunity out the ass to make a big impact in Ohio….. I’m fighting for my disability money I have no money coming in, I have maxed my credit cards out, I go days with out medication, and was offered a chance to move to a legal state, Nobody is doing what I’m doing in Ohio, If there are other Weed For Warriors in Ohio I don’t know what there doing, I’ve been doing this all by my self. you guys raised 50 grand in hours, If I had a grand a month I could stay inside my VA 3 or 4 days a week, work on enlisting medical marijuana doctors to get paid by the VA, recruit Vets set up at locale events, train Vets to go into there VA and spread the word…. its been a long road for me and Now no Funds is playing head games…. Thanks Guys Michael 937.204.7807

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