There Is A Time And A Place For Everything And The Time For Unifying Starts Tomorrow!

Abraham Lincoln stated, “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”  Well by now it should be obvious that the cannabis community in California is in full fracture mode over Prop 64.  Popularly called in the press the “legalization” proposition but by many on the front lines fighting for access for patients, they call Prop 64 the “regulatory capture” initiative for the 1%.  What Prop 64 will actually do is up for much debate.  Although, what is not up for debate is the marijuana market in California will never look the same.

This isn’t about why you should vote NO on Prop 64, this commentary is about what happens the day after the election; all our futures.  By all we mean, both those for Prop 64 and those against.  It’s the time after an election to lay down our differences and work together.  There is no disagreement, if Prop 64 passes, we must fix the issues with Prop 64 to minimize its negative effects on certain communities that tend to be left out of the political process.  If Prop 64 fails, we must join hands to continue to advance access for both medical and the recreational use of cannabis.  That is something we can all agree on.

The Weed for Warriors Project feels the right to grow and use cannabis is an inalienable right, whether for recreational or medical.

When we wake up Wednesday morning, we commit to work for a better tomorrow regardless if Prop 64 is the law of the land in California or it loses.  The election will speak for our Republic and it’s that process we veterans promised to uphold.  So we encourage everyone, vote your conscience and know, we will walk together down the road to ending prohibition in California and Nationally together, win or lose.



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  • Dominic Ripoli says:

    Organizing and coming out of the shadows is the first and foremost value that should be embraced. Without those two things, it will be impossible to combat the stake holders who will undoubtedly erase the current culture as we know it.

    No one can afford to be a pirate anymore. Society is now allowing cannabis to come into it’s fold and that means the current pirate culture around the cannabis market must get issued a government ID and uniform or be labeled a pirate and hunted by the permitted competition. A lose confederacy of cannabis pirates is no longer able to hide in the shadows and continue business as usual. With the passage of Prop 64, the proverbial 900lb. gorilla will have entered the adult use market. As Obama has noted this past week. If California goes, Federal prohibition will be untenable.

    Organize, organize, and organize. Otherwise you’ll be squished by people who don’t even know they’re squishing you.

    Be well.

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