Why Veterans With PTSD Are Turning To Cannabis

“When Dr. Sue Sisley, a lifelong Republican, was just beginning her residency at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Phoenix, she refused to believe her patients when they told her about the healing potential of cannabis.

While Sisley and her colleagues are eager to begin studying cannabis’ potential benefits as scientists, veterans like Joshua Apollo are already helping fellow vets access cannabis and teaching them how to use it more effectively.

Apollo’s service as a U.S. Army infantryman left him with lingering physical injuries and struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, all culminating in a suicide attempt before he began treating himself with cannabis in 2010.

“Cannabis was the ultimate treatment for me. It saved my life. I haven’t had suicidal thoughts or tendencies since starting marijuana,” Apollo told me.

As a vice president of the Sacramento, California, chapter of Weed for Warriors, Apollo’s helping to raise awareness on the medical benefits of cannabis and the need for legal reform.”

Read the entire story written by Kit O’Connell Why Veterans With PTSD Are Turning To Cannabis

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