Charles “Cully” Stimson, It’s Time You Resigned From Writing About Cannabis

Sometimes you come across something so ignorant, you have to read it a few times for it to make sense.  Well, it was one of those times last night when we came across an article so absurd it makes one think, who wrote this?

Charles “Cully” Stimson’s Horrible View On Cannabis

Let’s start with the author’s name, Charles “Cully” Stimson, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation.  We will call him Cully for short.  His entire thesis for his article is:  “Cannabinoid-based drugs are better alternatives because they reap the benefits of marijuana’s therapeutic components safely, as well as have the potential to become FDA approved if they aren’t already.”

You read that right, according to Cully, Big Pharma’s synthetic cannabis drugs are hands down a better alternative to the natural stuff.  There is no reason for medical marijuana in any state because you can go to your Doctor today and get a prescription for synthetic THC.  So in other words Big Pharma will rescue the Prohibitionist from the onslaught of State legalization efforts.  No one likes a competitor and we have already seen cannabis have a negative correlation on medicare prescriptions, so it’s not a fear, it is a reality.

Shaking our collective heads over here at the Weed for Warriors Project at this tone-deaf and ignorant piece of work.

Charles “Cully” Stimson, have you ever heard of the entourage effect?  What about access, we mean access in the sense that most of us veterans can’t walk into the VA and ask for synthetic THC, let alone the real stuff.  We know what you are thinking, then you don’t need it, or the Doctor would prescribe it.  So wonderful your new-found trust in a system that is killing your veteran brothers and sisters left and right.

On a side note to one of your points, a point covered ad nauseam since Dr Sue Sisley’s termination at the University of Arizona for trying to research cannabis and PTSD in Veterans.  There is nothing like creating a system that denies the ability to research cannabis then talking about how cannabis isn’t researched.  This has been covered enough, no need for us to delve into the fraud called cannabis research.

With our suicide and overdose epidemic in this country costing around 100,000 American lives each year,  we will concede one point, for suicides and overdoses, your FDA approved pills are doing a much better and effective job of addicting and killing OUR veterans!  Just a note, cannabis kills no one.  However, for purposes of argument we bring it into the equation to show, we agree on some points, that being, your FDA championed drugs are very effective at some things, just not what we hope.

We must ask, you have heard that suicides and overdoses are down by approximately 10% and  25% in States where cannabis is legal?  Between access and the fact your synthetic cannabis medicines have killed more people in that last year than cannabis has ever killed, why reinvent the wheel?  We heard the FDA’s excuses advanced by their owners Big Pharma in the 1980’s regarding HIV & AIDS drugs.   Those drugs were too slow to come to market because your friends at Big Pharma were trying to squash the competition.

Us veterans can’t allow that, cannabis is helping heal the war trauma in a much healthier and effective way than popping a tremendous number of addictive and deadly pills each day.  Pills whose side-effects are suicide, depression and addiction per the FDA disclosures themselves.  Suicides are down, overdoses are down with mother-natures cure.  Given the entourage effect, the horrible prohibition on cannabis research by our system you seem to trust, we will stick with a herb that has been tested since the beginning of man, the cannabis plant.

One last question by us.  If Marinol and friends are perfect substitutes for whole plant cannabis, why are we seeing a difference in suicides and overdoses in States where the natural plant is legal for medical purposes.  We shouldn’t see one if your thesis were correct in theory or pragmatically as synthetic THC has been legal and available in all fifty states since it was approved in 1985.

We suggest you resign from writing about cannabis Cully, it seems to be your modern-day “Office of Detainee Affairs”.  Look it up peeps, it isn’t difficult to find Cully’s last famous position. – Sean Kiernan

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