Cannabis Shouldn’t Be A Dirty Topic To Discuss With Kids

It was when I first medicated with Cannabis that I remember feeling outraged by all the lies!  The lies about how I would feel, the lies about its addictiveness, the lies about the dangers I would surely face, when I suddenly realized it was all bullshit.  I can assure you the credibility of those telling me about the dangers plummeted, probably too far, because these were the same teachers, police officers and parents who told me about the deadly dangers of other drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Credibility is the key.  Education is power, and to those parents and friends willing to be honest with their kids, you will empower them to make wise decision and see through the bullshit increasing their trust in you.  That trust may come in handy some day, when it really counts, when it matters most.  Don’t squander that precious asset on reefer madness.

Read more about one ladies view as Madison Margolin explores how discussing cannabis with kids is shaping up under legalization. – Sean Kiernan

“Legalization allows families to exemplify normalizing behavior with cannabis rather than pathologizing it, says psychiatrist Julie Holland, author of The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis. “Parents having to hide from kids, kids having to hide from parents — all this hiding, lying, and shame makes the behavior more compulsive,” she says. “Prohibition means we can’t model healthy behavior.” But as with drinking a glass of wine at dinner to model “healthy, moderate drug taking,” says Holland, legalization would allow parents to do the same with cannabis. “Kids are little hypocrisy detectors, we’re sort of kidding ourselves if we think they don’t know what’s going on.”‘

Madison Margolin Explores Cannabis Discussion & Kids

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